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Eşecul ultimelor sesiuni de bacalaureat a oferit posibilitatea dezvoltării multor şcoli profesionale, în domenii destul de diverse, care ar trebui să scoată (mai mult sau mai puţin pe bandă rulantă) oameni pregătiţi pentru acele meserii care nu au nevoie de studiul din facultate. SEO (search engine optimization – sau optimizarea pentru motoarele de căutare, mai pe româneşte spus) ar putea fi o asemenea meserie, deşi şansele de a introduce un cod CAEN pentru asta sînt cam mici (ca să nu spun de-a dreptul neglijabile) în următorii ani. Pentru moment ar putea fi introduse la fel de bine la codurile 6201 – Activităţi de realizare a soft-ului la comandă (software orientat client – inclusiv realizarea paginilor web), respectiv 7260 – Alte activităţi legate de informatică pentru că optimizarea asta se face atît pe pagina web (modul de aranjare a informaţiilor de pe pagină, scriere de conţinut), cît şi în afara ei.

După cîţiva ani de experienţă în web design şi servicii SEO putem spune că candidatul perfect pentru o şcoală profesională în meseria de optimizare a paginilor web pentru motoarele de căutare trebuie să aibă următoarele calităţi:

articole diverse scoala profesionala si de meserii in seo search engine optimization Supravirtual SRL Oradea Bihor Romania.

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Unul dintre beneficiarii proiectelor din luna aprilie 2013 este Universitatea din Oradea, am furnizat pagina de pe pentru proiectul HURO/1001/323/2.2.2 GRAINS SAFETY de cercetare privind influenţa unor elemente de tehnologie asupra seminţelor de grîu şi porumb depozitate în cadrul programului de cooperare transfrontalieră Ungaria-România 2007-2013 (

Mai multe aici: romana pagini web grains safety, huro-1001-323-2.2.2 din cadrul programului de cooperare transfrontaliera ungaria-romania 2007-2013 Supravirtual SRL Oradea Bihor Romania.

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  • The value of 404 (not found) error page #1

As you already must have noticed (you don’t even have to browse the internet for a long time to find them), the 404 error pages are… almost everywhere. They are a necessary part of the internet, as it develop and grow. When you change something into a website, for example when you delete an article or a page, you change its URL or you switch the obsolete design of your site to a new one, the 404 not found page will start poping up if you try to access the site.

More information here: Webdesign The value of 404 not found error page / My slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

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cumpara de la, magazinul tau pe internet
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Pagini web design seo Romania pe facebook

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Vă recomand o pagină de pe Facebook denumită Pagini web design seo Romania. Se găseşte aici: şi este o pagină marca Supravirtual.[…]

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articol oferit prin intermediul, o companie IT producatoare de software si pagini web
locatii Pagini web design seo Romania pe facebook

article offered by, an IT company that desing software and websites
locatii Pagini web design seo Romania pe facebook

locatii Pagini web design seo Romania pe facebook

cumpara de la, magazinul tau pe internet Buy products from Romanian eMag store Pagini web design seo Romania pe facebook Adaugata in 22 iunie 2012 Categoria: locatii Vă recomand o pagină de pe Facebook denumită Pagini web design seo Romania. Se găseşte aici:

Joomla is one of the free CMS (Content Management Systems) that gathered a lot of users in the last few years. The number of websites created with Joomla is numbered in a few hundred thousands, so one can say it’s one of the most popular tools to create web sites. The next reasons are only a few why you shoold use Joomla for your website design. You only need a web server that handles php and a mysql database to install this CMS and, after configuring it, to have a functional website. Next you have to add some functions (using the components, modules and plugins) you need and select or create a Joomla theme.

It is user friendly and easy to learn

Even beginners are welcome to use this – it may take longer to find out about all its function but it’s easy to learn. It takes at most a few days to learn it all over. The CMS is rather big (especially when you never worked with other CMSs) because it’s under constant development for some years, but it’s easy to follow the modification made in time – there are availabe online various versions of Joomla.

Webdesign Five reasons why you should use Joomla for your website design / – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

If you want to make a presence online, with all the advantages and obligation that come from that, you have to get some necessary steps. Depending of your experience over internet they can be easy or they can be difficult, but with the appropriate help everything will be easy and you will only benefit from this activity.

Get your domain name

The first thing you need to do before anything else is to get yourself a domain name. Choose wisely because it’s going to represent you online and must define you: it can be your name, your trademark or business name or your field of activity.

Depending the Top Level Domain (TLDs) you choose (they have their own rules), you will have to pay an annual fee to a registrar for the right to use that domain name or you can buy it „for life” (until you die, the interne dies or you decide to delete it). In some situations you’ll have to buy similar domain name in order to prevent lose of clients or fraud, but you can find more information from tips for registering and choosing the domain name – read them and follow them.

Webdesign How to make your own web site / – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.

Before starting to enumare what are the factors that make a website good I should tell you that all succesful websites have 2 things in common: they are enjoyable (beautiful colors, great templates that make users to like or love them) and they are (in some degree) simple (the users don’t have to think hard how to browse the site and what are the meaning of every section on the page). The content is varies from one website to another – it’s what you put online – and it’s a completely different story.

As you already know, websites are powerful marketing tools in promoting any business. I’ve already said it a few times so far, I am not going to repeat it. But there are a few factors that improves the quality of your website: visual appealing, accesibility, user friendly and functionality. And it all starts from the homepage, the very first page most of the users usually land when visiting a new website they did not hear about before. If they find your website using the search engines and land on any of your posts, sooner or later they will get to your homepage, the root of your website.

This is why your first page is very important and it needs to be done in a manner to make it simple and very easy to use. Any of your visitors should understand quickly (most of) the structure of your website from your homepage.

Plan your website structure and homepage before you start creating them

When you are having a custom website you can ask for the web designer’s advice, his experience will help you decide the best way your first page should look. If you are getting a free CMS (there are a lot over the internet like joomla, wordpress, drupal and many others) you will have availabe some options about how your homepage should look, but it’s better to ask for advice in this case also.

Webdesign Web design tactics How to make your website homepage usable and accessible / – my slice of internet / Oradea, Bihor, Romania.