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How to organize your followers on Twitter #1

As I already wrote, a great number of followers and friends can have bad influence on you time managing or, worse, a bad influence on you: the bad feeling created by too much Twitter contacts can be identified as social media oveload.

In that article I mentioned that there are several tools and strategies to manage the time on Twitter and to organize the followers and their content. I won’t cover again how to organize your lists, you can always read there if you are interested, but I want to tell you more about the other tools that does a great job in managing and analyzing for any Twitter user.

Twitter Analyzer

Twitter Analyzer is very advanced Twitter analytic system. It does not require your user and password, just type the in @name and you’ll get many statistics about the users you want to analyze and his followers.

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This article is not about scripts and seo guides and software code that might help you improve your web experience. This article is about another experience that’s very close related with the web: the client experience. I mean the relation that’s created between the guy or the lady that want some web project (whaterver that is) and the team that work on that (let’s consider that a team of one is still a team ).

One of the aspects of my work is this clients relationship (it’s more than a dialog, an exchange of information – in time it might become a real business relationship if it’s too long). In time I’ve watch other people reaction about the subject and two very common problems are that the people does not know what they want and they are not educated, the does not have „the web culture”. I’ll start with the second problem because the first one is something personal, it depends to every person’s mind.

This article is about people, the beneficiaries, not about their products. It’s rather easy to read some emails from the dedicated services (yahoo, gmail and a lot of other companies that offer this), it’s rather easy to search with any available search engines (google, yahoo) and to acces some web pages – these kind of things are not hard to learn for a beginner / unexperienced users. With proper training in only few days, less than one week, one person can become an expert in reading mails and search for keywords. Being a consumer of some social networks is the next step for an internet user, they might move some time in that area until he/she finally understands it.

None of these make somebody an expert with the web culture. The beginners can understand a few things about the web, they can get some tricks how to use it better, but it takes some months or perhaps years to understand how the web really works… that’s what I understant in „the web culture”.

Being a web designer and/or a project manager it’s not easy. When you get clients that know the steps necessary to create a web page, a web project or a custom software (for example) or they have strong web culture it’s a piece of cake to do your job. The problems begin when you work in the field and you’ve got a beginner or the kind of guy/chick that can’t make up his mind… and trust me, you JUST DON’T WANT something like that. A simple project that can be done in a few days is sometimes finished in weeks or months after you’ve started the work. I’ve met people that said let’s do this and that (just a few things in general) and the team had to guess what he actually wanted. I’ve also met guys that surfed the internet after ideas about their webpage, they wanted something and later, every few other days, they wanted something different because they saw something interested or shiny. I’ve met people that have got a

Every time these guys had to be told how the things really works, they had to be thought about the steps of a projects, they had to be educated about the „web culture” (the way the internet works).

You might have met some guys like these in your life time, somewhere around the globe. There are lots and lots of them. You may be one of them and you found this article by accident… and there is no problem in that. It’s ok. If you understand this it is very good, it’s an important step to learn about the tools you are using to get your life better. We can provide this… the tools and the expertise. Contact us.

The article is here.

Lately, in the past few weeks, I had to configure some wordpress blogs and to design some themes for them, they were a requirement for some clients as a easy-to-use script to complete the content of their page and to improve it’s ranking on the internet.

I don’t want to tell you about what powerful tool is wordpress, I believe the most of already know that… and if you don’t know it then find out now: some people say that wordpress rules and the are right. If you know what you want and you don’t need complicated stuff (like online stores with lots and lots of products and online payment or some good looking moving or flying things in flash) than wordpress is one of the best options for you. It’s great for blogging (that’s why it’s so well known – everybody can create a blog and start writing now) and for pages that has to present several things and that don’t something very expensive. If you know what you want when the designer starts to work on your wordpress blog you can have a good result in less than a day: the installation of the script, it’s configuration and the installation of the plugins, even the theme if you use one of the several existing tools on the market.

For the moment I want to stop and dedicate this entry to a specific plugin that’s a great tool for the search engine optimization part of the blog. The wordpress scripts come with some seo facilities but their beauty is that they can always be improved by using plugins, and everyone can create his/her own plugin and to install in on his/her blog (unless it’s on wordpress domain – it’s their domain, they make the rules, you can’t just any kind of plugins).

They say here about the HeadSpace (the subject of this article) that:

HeadSpace is a powerful all-in-one plugin to manage meta-data and to handle a wide range of SEO tasks. With it you can tag your posts, create custom titles and descriptions that improve your page ranking, change the theme or run disabled plugins on specific pages, and a whole lot more.

I am not going copy to from them the informations they are offering about the plugin or to repeat the most important parts of the text, they explain everything you need to know about it and how to start using it.

Consider my recommendation about this excellent script and use it. It’s a tool that you (almost) need and if you configure it in the right way it will improve the seo and the rank of your blog for sure.

The article is here and here.