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Nirvana – Smells like teen spirit

Posted: 29 Decembrie 2015 by eoradea in Dan-Marius
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Sună ceva mai bine ca varianta celor de la Blade String, doar este un clasic, nu? Iar aici e deja primăvară! Sau, cel puțin, te simți tocmai așa.Load up on guns, bring your friendsIt&

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As (about) everybody knows, Christmas is essentially a Christian holiday based around older pagan mid-winter celebrations. Most probably Jesus was born on a different day of the year, but the early Christians chose 25th of December in order to replace the pagan celebrate of winter soltice (usually on December 21st of 22nd). More: many of the things traditionally associated with the modern Christmas can be traced back to pre-Christian practices around the Europe and Mediteraneean sea.

A lot of people, Christians or not, associate the period of the Christmas and the passing into a new year (only a few day apart) with the winter holidays. The Jews celebrate Hannuka in the same period of time. So why not? Everybody deserve a few days of. On the other hand, people like the Atheists or the Muslims (for example) prefer to work in a quiter workplace than usual.

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